The Operating Philosophy of Our Wholesale Bakery

We choose to buy only the highest-quality ingredients, because we want to be proud of our products and make the best breads, the best cakes, the best cookies and the best of everything that comes from our ovens that we possibly can each day, every day.  The ingredients that we purchase are all-natural always and organic whenever possible.

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Businesses and Food Providers

The Mary’s Market Bakery is a business steeped in tradition. We take pride in our reputation of providing fresh, baked daily, wholesale bakery items.  That is why we always guarantee quality wholesale products and total wholesale customer satisfaction. Are you looking for something special to offer your customers for a specific event or season? We are happy to create a custom pastry to fit your needs. Our wholesale department provides a wide range of bakery items to some of the area’s finest restaurants, hotels and convention centers. We bake fresh every day. Our artisan bakers strive to make each item a form of art. We will happily customize any of our items to meet your needs. Our locally based director of wholesale is waiting to serve you.

Fresh Muffins from the Oven Daily

Bursting with fresh blueberries, apple cinnamon or banana nut integrated with a tender, cakey crumb and sparkling sugar crust, these really are the best muffins ever! These muffins are fresh from the oven daily and loaded with goodness. Only the best ingredients such as real blueberries and fresh bananas are used. See the Complete list of all out wholesale items below.

The Impossibly Flaky Dough of our Croissants

Our Croissants are buttery and satisfying. It takes the skillful hand of an accomplished baker with enough finesse to wind up with the impossibly flaky dough. We offer sweet croissants like almond, butter, and chocolate. There is no better sign of a great bakery than a perfect croissant!

See the complete list of all our wholesale items below.

Mary’s Market Bakery Bread Loaves

From our raisin walnut to the seven grain bread, loaves are a staple for meals and in supporting recipes. Knowing how to prepare the best loaf of bread is an invaluable skill which is where our bakers truly excel! Choose from an array such as challah, Italian, multi grain, sourdough boule and you will find one thing in common, quality ingredients and attention that will turn an ordinary loaf into an outstanding achievement.  And to give our customers even more healthy bread choices, we'll soon be offering the new Bear Essentials bread line that is made from 100% local organic whole grains! See the complete list of all our wholesale items below.

Bread Loaves Buns Rolls Croissants Muffins Danish
7 Grain Kaiser Ciabatta Almond Apple Cinnamon Apricot
Challah Multigrain Black Pepper Parmesan Butter Banana Nut Blueberry
Italian Pretzel Country Grain Chocolate Blueberry Cherry
Multigrain Ciabatta Square French Mini Chocolate Cheese
Sourdough Boule French Dip Multigrain Lemon Poppy Pecan
Black Pepper Parmesan Franchese Pretzel Veggie Pecan Raspberry
Country Grain Sub Potato Rosemary Raspberry Almond Mini
SW Cheddar Challah Challah Salted Caramel
French Raisin Walnut Franchese Muffin of the Month
Peasant Black Peppercorn Pretzel Mini
Raisin Walnut Country Grain Slider Muffin Buckets
Abreo Sourdough Slider Sourdough Gluten Sensitive
Flat Bread (20CT) Sourdough
Marble Rye French Sub
Scones Sweet Rolls Granola Bars Bagels Baked Goods Dessert Bars
Chocolate Cinnamon Peanut Butter Everything Coconut Chocolate Chunk Raspberry Bar
Cinnamon Orange Cranberry Fruit-N-Nut Cinnamon Raisin White Chocolate Macadamia Triple Ganage
Energy Mini Plain Chocolate Chunk Mocha Cheesecake
Lemon Currant Seedy Stick Oatmeal Raisin Tiramisu
Raspberry Plain Stick Peanut Butter Key Lime Cheesecake
Blueberry Shortbread Chocolate Chip Turtle Cheesecake
Cherry Chocolate Toffee White Chocolate Raspberry
Pineapple Cookie of the Month Mini Dessert Bar
Mini Fudgemelt
Frozen Snicker Doodle
Frosted Cookie
Gluten Sensitive
Mini Cookie
Frozen cookie pucks
Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Raisin White Chocolate Macadamia Peanut butter Chocolate Coconut Mini Cookie
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Butterscotch Fudge Melt Shortbread Seasonal Frosted Gluten Sensitive