Making Custom-Created Deliciousness at Mary’s Market Since 1982

Choose from a variety of cakes personalized for your special occasion. We have been making custom-created deliciousness since 1982 for weddings, birthday parties, holidays, corporate events, baby showers, and any other special occasion. We would love to be a part of your special day by making the perfect cake for that special event. We love what we do and put a special love into each and every batter for our unique one-of- a-kind cakes. Your cake can come in a variety of sizes as well as an array of batters, fillings and frostings, from traditional favorites to specialties.

From classic fillings such as chocolate Bavarian cream, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, and whip cream just to highlight a few. Top your cake with an array of frostings such as rich chocolate, vanilla buttercream, cream cheese, and a collection of marbleized frostings.

Mary's Market Cakes and Tortes are decorated as shown.  Additional decoration is available for an up-charge. We are happy to create a custom design, flavor or size of your choice of cake and request that you make an appointment with one of our cake decorators to ensure we deliver your cake accurately.  Appointments can be made by calling 815-316-9914 or emailing

Specialty Cakes & Tortes Price List

We Bake Memories!

Your cake will be baked from scratch and we will use the freshest ingredients available. Our cakes are baked fresh daily, and none of the ingredients are ever frozen.

Want to venture forth with other dessert options? We can design a custom dessert experience for you and your guests! Just share what you’re thinking and we will explore new modern options with you. These may consist of everything from gourmet cookies to pies of every size, as well as hand-made truffles, some of which are savory instead of just sweet, cake pops, brownies, dessert bars and tarts. This will allow you to personalize your occasion and is a social, fun way for your guests to have dessert at a sweets table. So let your imagination soar with multiple sweets that reflect you and your style.

Freshly baked every day

The Operating Philosophy of Our Bakery

We choose to buy only the highest-quality ingredients, because we want to be proud of our products and make the best breads, the best cakes, the best cookies and the best of everything that comes from our ovens that we possibly can each day, every day.  The ingredients that we purchase are all-natural always and organic whenever possible. Our Chefs and Bakers are continuously exploring and discovering new recipes and mixing fresh ingredients with new flavors to come up with new, great, tasty bakery products that will delight our customer’s taste buds. We think eating healthy can also mean eating delicious. Our choices are made with the planet and the people in mind, as we work to nurture health for you, your family and our community.

 Specialty Cookies

$3.00 each for a custom made personally decorated cookie! We can individually bag and bow them for just $4.00.

With over one hundred different cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes, Mary’s Market made from scratch cookies will delight your guests, family or friends. Select from a large variety of decorated sugar cookies, which can be baked especially for you. Available as gluten sensitive and vegan.

The finished specialty cookies are delightfully tasty and almost too beautiful to eat. Because our specialty cookies are individually hand painted by one of our artesian bakers, we consider them edible works of art. As a tray, or favors for your special event, our fresh baked daily specialty cookies will always be a hit. No matter how big your party is we can accommodate your sweet tooth!

Specialty Cakes

Cakes offered at Mary's Market, listed on our specialty Cake & Tortes Price List, are decorated as shown.  Additional decoration is available for an up-charge. We are happy to create a custom design, flavor or size of your choice, yet request you set an appointment with one of our cake decorators to ensure we get the cake you desire decorated just right!  Appointments can be made.

Please email us with regarding a Custom-Created Cake order: You may phone us at 815-316-9914


New York Bagels

We serve a deliciously crisp and chewy New York Style Bagel. Our bagel dough is produced fresh daily and then poached before they are baked; a process that gelatinizes the dough to make them chewy.

Bakery Testimonials

Channing just brought us a blueberry pie. Best blueberry pie I've ever had! Dorien Conover Peterson‎

I absolutely adore these vegan Chai and Chocolate cupcakes!!! Thank you so very much Mary's Market! Sue Michaelsen‎

Stopped in yesterday and was overjoyed to see the banana butterscotch muffin!!!! Yay!!!! Great Sugar Plum Fairy Latte too. Love coming there. Thanks for having my favorite muffin again. 🙂 Terra Cipra Herzog