Chef Christopher Holden

...has 17 years of gourmet restaurant experience. Chris began his career at fine dining restaurants in historic Woodstock Square and Crystal Lake, Illinois. In 1998 he moved to Rockford where he held Executive Chef positions at Eurest/Sundstrand, Bacchus and the University Club. He has extensive banquet and reception experience - but weddings are his forté.

"Banquet food should be the highlight of your celebration, just as food would take center stage in an event that was held in your home. The bottom line: your guests should walk away talking about it for weeks, recalling the fine details that made your menu unique and different."

Chef Holden's food emphasizes seasonality and the use of highest quality ingredients. His style is classic cuisine with an infusion of ethnic influences. Chef Holden's elegant, imaginative presentations complement any table.

Chef Chistopher Holden